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The average Fortune 1000 company uses approximately 50,000 different restaurants each year.  Dinova clients use far fewer—and spend lots more at each one.

Quantify and cultivate corporate account relationships in a formal way for the first time in history!


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ONE OF THE CHALLENGES restaurants face is to maximize their revenue by consistently filling their tables with customers during both peak and off-peak times, and encouraging their customers to order high-margin items such as appetizers and desserts.  One of the best ways of meeting both of these objectives is to attract corporate clients with expense accounts.  This is where Dinova comes in.

SIMILAR TO HOTEL AND RENTAL CAR USAGE, Dinova corporate clients direct their employees to dine at restaurants in the Dinova network.  By visiting the Dinova website, corporate employees determine which restaurants are in the network and choose the one that best meets their needs.  Our restaurant partners gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of Dinova client employees.

DINOVA IS SIMPLE and requires no modification to your existing operating procedures.  There are no upfront fees to pay, no coupons to offer, no promotions to run, no employee training needed, and nothing required at the point of sale.  Dinova takes care of everything in a discreet and transparent manner.  There is no cost to the restaurant until Dinova brings you business.

In summary, Dinova allows restaurants to:

  • Gain more corporate business
  • Cultivate relationships with some of America's largest corporations
  • Fill more tables
  • Increase profits
  • Do all of this with no risk or effort needed on your part!
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