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Dining spend represents the third-largest corporate travel expense, more than twice the size of car rentals.

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ONE OF THE EXPENSE CATEGORIES large corporations have typically been unable to control is business meals charged on the company's corporate credit cards.  This is due to the number of people making these charges, the relatively small numbers involved in each charge, and the numerous restaurants being utilized.

DINOVA WAS CREATED to save corporations money on their restaurant expenses in an effortless and seamless manner.  There is no "ID card," coupons, or membership number involved.  The savings are automatic when an employee uses a restaurant in the Dinova network.  Dinova allows you to track and quantify your savings, giving you much greater visibility into this significant expense category.  It couldn't be easier!

In summary, Dinova allows corporations to:

  • Save money on business dining
  • Track and quantify savings
  • Provide employees a simple, efficient methodology to locate preferred restaurants
  • Control a previously "uncontrollable" expense category
  • All at no cost or risk to you-with no resources needed on your part!

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